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We live in a complex world that is changing at a prodigious pace. Preparing our children for this challenging environment needs an experimental and real world approach to education. It demands a dynamic organization that can turn learning into a journey of enquiry and discovery. An organization, that can facilitate students to achieve such standards which will help them not only in scoring high ranks in the competitive examinations but also succeed in various phases of their lives.
Age plays a vital role in developing child’s intellect. The earlier a child is equipped with proper learning tools and exposed to logic and experiment based techniques, the easier it is for him to grasp the concepts. In fact, it helps the child to slacken his limitations and rise to an unmatchable level. It is at this age when he can foster the skill of questioning and reasoning.
“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”- Albert Einstein
Research says that Activity & Logic based learning programs help students to learn and absorb the concepts faster. If nurtured properly, it is possible to groom and prepare them for the cutthroat competition.
At Ed-wise, we believe in “pragmatic approach” to shift the attention from rote learning to conceptual understanding. This approach facilitates development of curiosity within the students, so that exploring the world, and getting quick hand solution to problems will become every child’s play.
Let’s see how!
Especially designed keeping in mind the developmental milestones of the children.
Contemplates to improve the conceptual understanding and helps student to acquire scientific temper by providing hands-on experiment, improved IQ and improved mathematical skills.
Helps the children learn the concepts in a fun way with clear understanding and logics.
Framed keeping in mind the existing syllabus of various boards including the CBSE, ICSE boards etc. and an efficient method of teaching is adopted so as not to hinder the usual curriculum of the schools.
Helpful for all round development of the child.
Improved understanding of the concepts leads to an enhanced performance, lower stress and anxiety levels and development of problem solving, logical and critical reasoning skills.
Facilitates the child to have firm school foundation so that they can do well in their examinations as well as shine bright in the competitive examinations.
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