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The reach of human mind is infinite. His reasoning ability is the most vital weapon he carries with him. When it comes to enhancing reasoning standards to derive solutions to various problems, one needs to have a deep understanding and a very high level of creative intellect. It has been proven that Activity & Logic based learning programs help students learn faster and better. The school teachers are not able to follow such methods because of the deadlines and the course pressure. Keeping this in mind and realizing how important it is to modify our education system so as to cope up with the global standards, Ed-wise solutions has come up with logical and practical activities especially designed to increase student’s imagination and preparing them for a brighter future.
“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”- Albert Einstein
The programs are designed to match the syllabus of various boards like CBSE, ICSE and others, and an efficient method of teaching is adopted to impart conceptual understanding without hindering usual curriculum of the schools.
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Helps school to impart better understanding of the subjects.
Enables children to learn the concepts in a practical way with clear understanding.
A complete package for the school to prepare the students for the boards as well as for the various competitive exams in the school premises itself.
Better results for the school making it a preferred choice.
Helps school create better Alumni.
Satisfied parents.
Increase in enrollments.
Increase in the goodwill of the school.
Enable school match with the Global Standards of Education.
Facilitates the students to have firm school foundation so that they can do well in their school examinations as well as shine bright in the competitive examinations.
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