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IQ Enhancement Program
I.Q. (intelligence quotient) is an assessment of one’s ability to think and reason. IQ score is a standardized way of comparing one’s ability with most people of same age.
"A person's Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is, arguably, one of their most important characteristics. It is believed that you can predict a person's behavior more accurately from their IQ than from any other single piece of information about them."- BBC
Ever heard people talking, “My child has got 97% marks in school examination, he’s just brilliant!”, “My child is super intelligent, he has scored 100 % marks!”. Well, that’s not the case with the IQ score. A person with 100 marks manages to fit in the “average” range only i.e. compared to people of similar age group the person has average intelligence. A standard IQ graph is a bell shaped or normal distribution curve indicating how much population falls into each IQ range. The curve shows that most percentage of population lies in the “average” range. Extremely intelligent or extremely poor is rare to find.
Taking the right decision, at the right time and place, is important. Quick decision making requires mental alertness and the ability to quickly interpret data, establish logical relationships, arrive at the correct conclusions, make the right judgment and also plan carefully for the future. A high IQ is absolutely essential for the various entrance examinations like UPSC, Banking board, CAT,MAT, SAT, GRE , GMAT, NDA ,TOFEL, JEE and many more.
Our IQ Enhancement programme, has been designed after extensive research so that each individual will benefit out of it. It includes all possible kinds of verbal and non-verbal mental ability, and quantitative aptitude questions, which can form a part of mental ability and quantitative aptitude test papers in various competitive examinations.

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Direct, easy and highly effective.
Helps student gain confidence.
Enables student to identify his weaknesses and overcome them.
Develop “speed”.
Time Management.
A learning process which will help students to measure their ability to understand and communicate effectively.
Creative, flexible and improves memory.
Helps to think critically and develop the ability to handle most academic challenges.
Enables student explore his potential and polish his skills so that he too can fit in the latter half of the IQ curve.
Improved understanding of the concepts leads to an enhanced performance, lower stress and anxiety levels and development of problem solving, logical and critical reasoning skills.
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