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Innovative Solutions to Science
Science is behind many different things that at first seem really weird. But the more you understand about the science behind weird stuff, the more interesting it becomes.
Teaching science as facts and definitions is unlikely to promote effective learning. For children, the problem with science is having to ‘learn facts’. There is a lot to learn and it is easy to get things wrong. This includes new uses of words, because science, like many other activities, has its own technical vocabulary. Also, children sometimes find science too abstract and separate from their everyday understanding. Confusion arises because these scientific accounts do not map easily on to what children can see, feel and hear.
Although children need to be taught certain scientific words and definitions, the learning of these words and definitions does not mean they are learning science.”- Richard Feynman.
Children like ‘doing experiments’. Meaningful and memorable learning requires the children to be intellectually and emotionally stimulated. Their curiosity is fuelled when they find out enough to know that there are still questions to ask and things to investigate. This is more likely to happen if we plan learning settings in which children can experience the pleasure of finding out things about the natural world which surprise them and satisfy their desire to know. The idea is to envisage science as an amazing human achievement and inspire similar feelings in children.
Just take a look at what sets ISS apart!
Lays a firm foundation in an enjoyable learning way.
Helps Children learn a life skill of scientific way of thinking based on reasoning.
Helps children understand the concepts and gives them a unique, motivatisng and entertaining environment in the class.
Scientific concepts presented as experiments, rather than facts or definitions to be remembered.
Makes children understand Science through simple activities which do not require very elite apparatus; just a little logic, creativity and a lot of thinking is required!
The resources used in science are intrinsically fascinating - magnets, batteries and bulbs, balloons, magnifiers and other basic household items.
Designed keeping in mind the existing syllabus of various boards including the CBSE, ICSE boards etc. and an efficient method of teaching is adopted so as not to hinder the usual curriculum of the schools.
Successfully integrates verbal and visual representations and demonstrates clear and thoughtful scientific concepts.
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