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Science Activities and Robotics Classes in Delhi

Ed-wise Solutions Science activities and robotic classes ignite the interest of kids in science and engineering and develop a lifelong love for subjects. Through various activities, kids learn the science behind the everyday phenomenon and unravel the mysteries. The activities are selected in such a way that kids learn the science by directly interacting with the concepts through various educational toys, tool and creative games. The Science activities and robotics classes in Delhi are divided into several levels to help kids from preschool, kindergarten and junior classes learn the basic biology, chemistry, physics, botany and zoology, astronomy, etc. in fun and playful manner. The activities involve them and help them learn better, understand the concepts in working and become fascinated with the scientific phenomenon.
Robotics classes use the robots in hands-on project to let the kids enjoy themselves and gets the creative juice flowing. The classes are for kids in any age group. The kids are free to play with robots, create them with toys and program with the software. Theyplay with the tools to create a new robot and indulge in imagination and creativity without any restriction or fear of restriction or criticism. While playing with the robots and creating them in different sizes and shapes, they learn the basic science and engineering concepts like, say how motors, pulleys and levers work. Through the use of machines and robots, they learn the principles of buoyancy, propulsion, gravity, lift and various other basic concepts and definition. Without books and need to memorizing the scientific definition, the kids learn a lot of science and engineering.
Kids also learn how to program a robot so it behaves exactly as it is told to do so. Through such activities, the kids are introduced to computer programming and robotic science.
The classes and activities of Ed –wise solutions later help kids to absorb instructions and information in school easier and faster. The skills learned in hands-on practical help them to apply the experience in learning science in schools. The direct involvement with science and robotic engineering enables them to master the complex study material and advanced courses in these branches of knowledge without much effort.
"Tell me and I'll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I'll understand." - Native American Saying
Our curriculum consists of a complete package of scientific concepts, IQ enhancement and speedy mathematics. It will help the students to have the complete insight of most of the competitive examinations for professional courses. The aim of the company is to go beyond the conventional methods of teaching which would help children understand the concepts from the core and apply them practically in their day to day life.
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