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Speedy Maths
Math is a science of numbers related concepts. It is introduced very early to a child and continues till late through his life. Numbers are used throughout our lives and fundamental knowledge is essential to make through examinations where quantitative analysis is more important than language skills. With increasing competition levels, it is essential for every child to have a sound command on the subject.
Our programme, Speedy Maths, helps children to learn comparatively tedious and cumbersome methods of juggling numbers in quicker and easier ways. It is a super fast way of calculation whereby one can do supposedly complex calculations like 1052, 998 x 992 etc within few seconds. It is highly systematic and simplified.
Children like innovations, learning fast techniques that will make calculations simpler and joyful. Once they grasp the techniques, they will no longer be afraid of doing big calculations, but rather enjoy it. All our Speedy Math techniques are easy to understand, apply and remember. It will help people to do math mentally and we don’t have to rely on the electronic calculator for calculations. Instead we use our own minds. Over-reliance on the calculator induces mental lethargy in a long run. All things deteriorate with disuse, including the mind.
"Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice."- Anton Chekhov
Our program manifests the coherent and unified structure of mathematics and the methods are complementary, direct and easy.
Let’s take a quick walk through the programme!
Highly beneficial for school and college students.
Sharpens your mind, increases metal agility and improves memory.
Increases concentration and analytical abilities.
Promotes creativity in students.
Fills in for conventional math techniques.
Increases speed, accuracy and 100% faster.
Eliminates dependency on the electronic calculator and activates the built-in calculator inside your head.
Helps you gain self confidence and a flair for math, especially helpful to those who dread math.
Gives you a competitive edge, a way to optimize your performance, improve in mathematics and logic that will help you to shine in the classroom and beyond.
Complements the mathematics curriculum taught in schools by acting as a powerful checking tool and goes to save precious time in examinations.
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